First snow, second snow

Maybe it’s because I’m a native Texan. Maybe it’s because Mother Nature always amazes me. Maybe it’s the same for most people. But the first snow in New England each year really does feel like some kind of enchantment. It seems incredible that light, pure, sparkly dust suddenly sprinkles from the sky, sugaring everything below.... Continue Reading →

Dawn Choruses

It's no revelation that spring brings the birds. But for those of us who grew up in Houston where seasons barely exist — and therefore plants stay green year 'round and bird migration means only that the feathered ones pop over to Mexico for a quick holiday and then come right back — the bird... Continue Reading →

A Corgi Named Hank

Our friend Cassie found the four-year-old tri-colored low-rider at a pound in Nashville. She sent us pictures of him with his big warm brown eyes looking up at her through the metal bars of his kennel. The dog looked happy despite his confinement, and we were immediately smitten. My husband Peyton and I had talked... Continue Reading →

The Stealth of Deer

The deer traffic here, The deer from the forest With their considerable bodies, they cross, stepping Soundlessly through camp, As if possessing some magic Over mounds of brown dry leaves, littered fallen branches Without a crunch or snap, without even a sigh Though the dog occasionally catches A whiff, her snout arching upward, on the air Apparently, they have a scent undetectable... Continue Reading →

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